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When should your clients take leave to maximise their long weekends in 2021?

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To say that 2020 was a slow year for travel is probably the understatement of the century. The good news is that South Africans are itching to travel again. Jurni has created a handy calendar for South African guesthouses with all the 2021 long weekends. You can download the calendar here to distribute it to your clients.


Sunday, 21 March – Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day falls on a Sunday this year, which means the following Monday (22nd) is automatically a holiday. Make it a 4-day weekend by taking an extra day’s leave on Friday the 19th or Tuesday the 23rd (or both!).

Monday, 22 March – Public Holiday


Friday, 2 April – Good Friday

Yay for the Easter weekend! Enjoy some hard-earned time off thanks to Good Friday and Family Day!

Monday, 5 April – Family Day

Have your Easter egg and eat it too by stretching your Easter break as far as you possibly can – put in for leave a couple of days before Good Friday and/or after Family Day for a breather of epic proportions.

Tuesday, 27 April – Freedom Day

Freedom Day falls on a Tuesday in 2021. Request the day off on Monday, the 26th and you’ll have yet another 4-day long weekend on your hands.


Saturday, 1 May – Workers’ Day

Unfortunately, we don’t hit the public holiday jackpot this year, with Workers’ Day falling on a Saturday. There’s nothing stopping you from taking Friday, the 30th of April or Monday, the 3rd off for a mini break, though!


Wednesday, 16 June – Youth Day

Youth Day is taking place slap-bang in the middle of the week. Embrace it as a mid-week rest or amp it up by taking leave a few days’ leave and bagging a 5-day long weekend.


Monday, 9 August – National Women’s Day

It’s not just the ladies who are encouraged to capitalise on this opportunity for an extended weekend. Sneak in a days’ leave on the 10th and/or the 6th and you’ll have 3 – 4 days at your leisure.


Friday, 24 September – Heritage Day

Braai to your heart’s content with a 4-day long weekend if you take Thursday the 23rd or Monday the 27th off from work in addition to Heritage Day on Friday, the 24th.


Thursday, 16 December – Day of Reconciliation

Get into the festive season early with a pre-Christmas break. Take Friday, the 17th off and savour a long weekend!

Saturday, 25 December – Christmas Day

It’s Christmas, so why not gift yourself some R&R? Sneak in the last of your leave days on the 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st (26 December, Day of Goodwill falls on Sunday, the 26th making Monday, the 27th an automatic public holiday), before returning to work in the New Year feeling refreshed and ready for action!

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