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Visitor App & Information Portal

The Visitor App & Information Portal will build comprehensive user experiences which accommodates access on various devices, including mobile. Using geo-location functionalities, the Jurni Visitor App & Information Portal provides location-tailored recommendations for travellers to visit along their route through South Africa. This has the potential to increase the visibility of the less ‘visible’ hospitality and leisure providers in South Africa, giving everyone in the tourism sector the opportunity to drive additional revenue streams while at the same time enhancing the traveller’s experience. Its aim is to facilitate information and communications with travellers during all trip phases by providing:
  • Tourism information
  • Travel planning tools with a handy booking tool
  • Geo-Location and mapping services of South African experiences
  • Access to a tourist safety tool and helpline
  • Social media sharing

The Jurni App will help travellers discover:
  • Attractions
  • Activities
  • Accommodation
  • Restaurants
  • Petrol stations
  • Reliable reviews and practical information within a 500-metre radius