Our History

Jurni is the official rebranding of the National Tourism Visitor Information System (NTVIS) transformation initiative. The NTVIS is an industry-led alliance between the private and public sector (partnership). It was formed in consultation with key stakeholders in South Africa’s travel and tourism sector. The Amadeus IT Group is funding NTVIS as a project under the National Industrial Partnership Programme (NIPP), which is managed by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

Jurni has emerged as a Travel and Tourism Data Management Company which will implement NTVIS by ensuring that relevant technology solutions are built to meet industry needs with the ultimate goal of collecting and showcasing meaningful travel and tourism data. This includes the development of an unbiased, consolidated and comprehensive data hub that will deliver credible data that can be distilled to a local and regional level, an SMME booking tool that will level the playing field for the entire tourism sector, and an informative visitor portal that will allow travellers to discover everything South Africa has to offer.

The company was born out of an extensive consultation with all industry stakeholder representatives in South Africa (SA), as well as discussions with National Department of Tourism (NDT), who is the government beneficiary of this project.


Responding To The National Tourism Sector Strategy (2016 – 2026)

This initiative is addressing gaps identified by the Tourism Sector. The NTSS highlights (i) the importance of developing a national tourism information system to provide critical tourism information for decision-makers; and (ii) the development of a fuller picture of the size, nature and characteristics of the tourism sector, particularly the extent and variety offerings and businesses, as one of the priorities of government

Further, in 2018 the Minister of Tourism published Regulations in respect of the National Tourism Information and Monitoring system, which regulates the collection, recording, management, analysis and dissemination of information and data on tourism to monitor development s and trends in tourism. These regulations, require report back to the Minister.


The Jurni Response

We are an enabler of the tourism industry by ensuring that the relevance of our technology solutions meets the industry needs.






Our Vision

To be a trusted data management platform connecting people and South African spaces.

Our Mission

To enable and influence sound, strategic decision-making in the travel, tourism and related industries through a credible, relevant, centralised digital data platform; and integrated digital solutions

How Will We Do This?

We will provide access to a data hub that will equip businesses with improved insights which can inform business strategies and decision-making.

We will provide a SMME booking tool and business application that will accelerate the visibility of small and medium travel and tourism enterprises within a global market.

We will mine data and invest in AI (Artificial Intelligence) to create seamless, savvy and transparent systems that will assist with improving guest experiences.