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Tapping into the top corporate travel trends of 2021

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Whether or not you are used to welcoming corporate travellers into your guesthouse, now is the time to start tweaking your marketing efforts to take full advantage of the new and exciting opportunities that have presented themselves as a result of COVID-19. Due to endless red tape surrounding international travel right now, companies are focusing their efforts on local markets – and this has led to a noticeable spike in domestic corporate travel.  

If you’re aware of the existing corporate travel trends that are currently sweeping the country, there’s no reason why your guesthouse shouldn’t be able to capitalise! Here’s what you need to know.  

‘Bleisure’ getaways  

‘Bleisure’, which is the act of combining business and leisure travel, is nothing new, but it has certainly increased in popularity since the pandemic. Why? Money is tight, so people are looking to really make the most of their trips. Companies are also getting on board with the ‘bleisure’ concept because it has been proven to help their employees manage stress, strike a balance between work and home life, as well as enjoy a greater sense of job satisfaction.   

How to capitalise: Speak to your corporate guests about the many amazing leisure opportunities in the region, perhaps even providing them with a personalised itinerary of ideas for activities based on their personal interests (to discover their interests, you could request that they fill in a quick online survey after completing their booking). After all, the longer that you keep them in the area, the longer they will remain at your guesthouse and the more money you’ll make out of their stay.  

Hybrid work and digital nomads  

Hybrid work refers to giving employees more freedom and allowing them to combine working at the office, from home, and even on the go. Individuals who are lucky enough to be able to adopt the hybrid working model are far more likely to visit new local destinations to work, as well as to explore and de-stress. Digital nomads are similar to hybrid workers, however, they rarely spend any time inside an office and, instead, move from destination to destination where they work remotely all while revelling in their love for travel.  

How to capitalise: The great thing about hybrid workers and digital nomads is that they often travel all year-round, rather than just during those popular high-peak periods. Ultimately, they are in search of a convenient base from which to conduct their day-to-day work, along with their own personal leisure adventures. As the owner of a guesthouse, you can attract these types of corporate travellers by assuring them that you are equipped to provide them with a sturdy, reliable internet connection and a comfortable place to get their work done. Access to free, high-speed Wi-Fi is a definite must. 


There is an unwavering demand for all companies to take action to ensure that all business dealings and decisions are more sustainable in nature, prioritising eco-friendliness in conjunction with profits. Business travel plays a crucial role in making or breaking a company’s success when it comes to optimising sustainability, which is why many decision-makers will actively seek out guesthouses that are on the same wavelength, and that exhibit similar values and ethics.  

How to capitalise: Include as much information concerning your own efforts to make your guesthouse as eco-friendly as possible on your website and in your social media posts. You can talk about how your onsite restaurant only uses ingredients sourced from local farmers, how your cleaning staff uses eco-safe products, or how you have placed recycling bins in all guest rooms. Every small detail makes a difference – and remember, demonstrating your dedication to doing your part for the earth won’t just draw in your fair share of corporate travellers, you’ll be sure to attract more eco-conscious leisure travellers, too!   

The reality? Business travel is going to bounce back slower than leisure travel, but bounce back it will! Many businesses will also be looking for alternatives to the norm, for example, smaller guesthouses with reassuring COVID protocols and fewer guests. Do your research on what corporate travellers and companies are looking for from travel suppliers that may differ from the old ‘normal’, and you’ll be fully prepared to profit from the corporate travel revival – starting immediately.  

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