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Tourism Data Hub

Jurni is an online platform designed to unlock exponential value for the entire travel and tourism industry.

Jurni’s centralised tourism data hub delivers credible data that can be distilled to a local and regional level. The data hub will facilitate decision making for tourism industry players across the value chain.

The system fosters research and development (R&D) efforts and facilitates improvement and development efforts across the sector. In particular, it provides:

  • The Statistics Applications and Information Dashboard Modules, supporting and facilitating a quantum leap in the industry’s R&D capacities, business-to-business (B2B) and Third-Party application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow third parties to access the content in an efficient manner, thereby facilitating innovation
  • User, industry and Activity Data Capture Modules, to ensure efficient and highly automated capturing of data
  • Current and relevant data that can be used for strategic decision making by diverse consumers, even beyond the sector.

SMME’s in travel and tourism struggle to grow and succeed on their own and new entrants to the industry have little chance for success without access to funding, technology, adequate skills and access to markets. Tourism entrepreneurs often lack the knowledge and resources to promote their businesses internationally. Jurni will help connect SMMEs to the market in a new and exciting way. This system caters for the “invisible” and unrecognised “long tail” of travel and tourism service providers across the country. It offers a simple, mobile-enabled booking system which provides visibility to multiple SMME providers within the global market. Furthermore, it allows customers and intermediaries to book and pay for accommodation and experiences. It is accompanied by a mobile-ready business management application which allows the proprietor to manage inventory and pricing amongst other variables. The system is designed to ensure authentic profiling of destinations. In short, the SMME Booking Tool will enable businesses to:

  1. Maintain and manage inventory and service details
  2. Manage booking requests and changes
  3. Manage customer communication and feedback
  4. Manage confirmations
  5. Manage payments

Booking Tool

Visitor App & Information Portal

The Visitor App & Information Portal will build comprehensive user experiences which accommodates access on various devices, including mobile. Using geo-location functionalities, the Jurni Visitor App & Information Portal provides location-tailored recommendations for travellers to visit along their route through South Africa.

This has the potential to increase the visibility of the less ‘visible’ hospitality and leisure providers in South Africa, giving everyone in the tourism sector the opportunity to drive additional revenue streams while at the same time enhancing the traveller’s experience. Its aim is to facilitate information and communications with travellers during all trip phases by providing:

  • Tourism information
  • Travel planning tools with a handy booking tool
  • Geo-Location and mapping services of South African experiences
  • Access to a tourist safety tool and helpline
  • Social media sharing

The Jurni App will help travellers discover:

  • Attractions
  • Activities
  • Accommodation
  • Restaurants
  • Petrol stations
  • Reliable reviews and practical information within a 500-metre radius