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Meet the inspired young people bringing Jurni to life #YouthDay

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At Jurni, we’re dedicated to empowering South Africa’s youth, with a particularly strong focus on empowering young people. This Youth Day, we are thrilled to present to you a number of exceptionally talented employees on our team, and we are inspired by their ambition, work ethic, resilience, and creativity every single day. Despite the many hardships experienced by companies operating in the travel and tourism sector since the COVID pandemic hit, these young professionals have continued reaching for the stars and scoping out solutions as and when required.

Sinazo Sgwabe, who is our Customer Platform Lead and responsible for the daily running of the Contact Centre, acknowledges the challenges of working in the travel industry in recent times, but continues to always see the bright side rather than only focusing on the setbacks. She says that she is grateful for the opportunity to adapt to the dramatic changes in her working conditions.

Sinazo Sgwabe, Jurni Customer Platform Lead

“At first, the change was a great shock, and I wasn’t sure that I would be able to continue to meet expectations when working remotely.  I had to re-learn the art of time management and how to strike a balance between work and home life.  It took me a while to be able to shut down at the end of the day, but I have since figured out how to work smarter and more efficiently, truly embracing the 4th industrial revolution. Along with all of these learnings, I took the time to speak with my colleagues and other business owners in the industry to listen to their fears and frustrations too, which has made me infinitely more empathetic and more determined than ever to keep pushing forward!”

Sinazo also speaks about how rewarding it has been to support clients throughout these trying times.

“Introducing a new product has been quite rewarding as the clients are so receptive and thrilled to have a product that has been created specifically for them – the excitement coming out of the industry as the revival gets underway is encouraging.”

Mpumi Lobi, a Contact Centre Agent specialising in the sale of the Property Management System and Booking System at Jurni, admits that COVID has made her job more difficult. However, she remains positive and speaks fondly about everything that inspires her to head off to work each day. She beams when she talks about how she feels empowered when she is able to learn new things from her colleagues and find ways to solve various problems. She is also spurred on by her ambition and the prospect of securing a better future for her child.

“I am proud to work at Jurni. The company has given many young people the opportunity of employment – the vast majority of my colleagues are young adults. It’s fantastic because the company is playing a significant role in decreasing the unemployment rate amongst South Africa’s youth. In 5 years from now, I see myself as a successful businesswoman. By working at Jurni, I’ve learnt how to embrace a digital-first approach to running a business and how to work with people.”

Innocent Mogase, another one of Jurni’s cherished Contact Centre Agents, highlights how COVID has impacted the way in which Jurni markets its products. Before the pandemic, the team would regularly attend tourism conferences where everyone would have the chance to interact with existing clients and prospective clients on a face-to-face and one-on-one basis. This lack of in-person interaction has meant that our contact centre agents have been working harder than ever before – and it’s safe to say that they all take their jobs very seriously. Innocent believes that her passion for her work makes a notable contribution to the company’s culture.

Innocent Mogase, Jurni Contact Centre Agent

“I think of myself as a helpful person, and I readily share my knowledge with my colleagues. Simultaneously, I am curious to learn from others at every opportunity that I get. I love coming to work every day because my team comprises hard working, focused, positive and determined individuals. They always make working at Jurni interesting, fun, and rewarding.”

Here’s to our incredible young staff members and the rest of our country’s inspirational youth. May you continue making waves, achieving your goals, and dreaming big despite the many challenges that COVID has thrown your way. Happy Youth Day!

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