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How to create great social media content with pictures and videos

In today’s competitive online environment, SMMEs have to stay up to date and visible –

The Jurni Team Jun 19, 2020

The profile of the domestic traveller

With most of the world still in lockdown and travel timelines up in the air,

The Jurni Team Jun 17, 2020

Re-opening the travel sector: How tourism SMMEs can prepare

The government’s risk-adjusted approach to reopening the economy has not been kind to the travel

The Jurni Team Jun 12, 2020

How data, collaboration and digital platforms can help tourism SMMEs in a Post-COVID world

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the entire tourism chain under immense pressure. When tourism came

The Jurni Team Jun 11, 2020
Technology Tourism

Jurni celebrates one year!

Key milestones Jurni has achieved over the past year One year ago, in May 2019,

The Jurni Team Jun 9, 2020

What steps should tourism establishments take to make their property post-COVID-19 ready?

Tourism SMMEs have been hard hit by the pandemic, and the longer lockdown continues, the

The Jurni Team May 12, 2020