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5 steps you should take today to keep your travellers COVID-safe

Hotels and guesthouess need to implement new protocols and standards to ensure that both travellers and staff feel COVID-safe and protected.

The Jurni Team Dec 15, 2020

How to Make Your Travellers Feel Safe to Book for the December Holidays

Wearing a face mask, sanitising, temperature checks and practicing social distancing has become a ‘normal’

The Jurni Team Nov 27, 2020
Accommodation Technology Tourism

Travel Establishments & COVID: Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst

As the travel industry gradually rebuilds itself following the easing of lockdown restrictions, there is

The Jurni Team Nov 26, 2020
Accommodation Tourism

4 Ways to Reignite Your Travel Business

The travel industry is currently undergoing a slow, but steady revival as travel businesses gradually

The Jurni Team Nov 25, 2020
Technology Tourism

How will public-private collaboration take shape following the pandemic?

As the travel industry gradually undergoes its much-anticipated revival, there is a strong call for

The Jurni Team Nov 24, 2020
Technology Tourism

5 Ways to Promote Your Guesthouse for the December Holidays

The local travel industry’s revival is now underway and countless families, couples, and individuals are

The Jurni Team Nov 18, 2020
Accommodation Technology Tourism