Ten reasons why tourism SMMEs need an online booking tool

online booking tool

Never before has the strength and resilience of the tourism industry been tested as heavily as it has in the past year. But, in 2021, travellers will once again fly to our beautiful shores, they will connect with our culture, laugh alongside us, go on swims, hikes and adventures. To make sure you are ready […]

How to Make Your Travellers Feel Safe to Book for the December Holidays

Wearing a face mask, sanitising, temperature checks and practicing social distancing has become a ‘normal’ part of everyday life. However, as familiar as they have become with following the necessary safety protocols, it is safe to say that most people are still fearful of coming into contact with the virus – and rightly so! The […]

4 Ways to Reignite Your Travel Business

The travel industry is currently undergoing a slow, but steady revival as travel businesses gradually recover from significant losses over the course of the last few months. Patience and persistence are at the core of keeping your enterprise’s doors open for the foreseeable future, but there are also some helpful strategies to implement in order […]

How will public-private collaboration take shape following the pandemic?

As the travel industry gradually undergoes its much-anticipated revival, there is a strong call for the government to create a partnership with local travel suppliers to help return this crucial sector back to its former glory. Public-private collaboration is an absolute must. The question is, what will it look like in a post-COVID world? According […]

5 Ways to Promote Your Guesthouse for the December Holidays

The local travel industry’s revival is now underway and countless families, couples, and individuals are understandably desperate for a holiday this festive season. Here are just 5 ways to go about effectively promoting your guesthouse for the upcoming December holidays, encouraging plenty of enthusiasm, a surge in bookings, and a healthier bottom line. Provide peace […]

Get your business online! Fedhasa’s Lee Zama shares her advice with tourism SMMEs

Tourism players across South Africa are facing an uphill battle to reconstruct an industry that was left in shatters by the COVID pandemic. However, with the right guidance from the industry, and the right tools in place, our industry has the opportunity to build a better and brighter future. Jurni chatted to Fedhasa CEO Lee […]

Travel young – the best local experiences for the ‘now generation’

The World Tourism and Travel Council (WTTC) predicts that younger travellers in the 18-35 age group, who appear to be less vulnerable to COVID-19, will be among the first to begin travelling once again. Young, fun and adventurous, this group is ready to travel (now!) and looking for a very particular travel experience. It is […]